Summer Retainers

At Quarters Student Accommodation we don’t believe students should have to pay a retaining fee or retaining rent over the summer holidays – so we’ll never charge you this! Our accommodation is provided for the sole use of students, and the summer void period allows us to complete essential works to keep your accommodation in tip top condition!

If you’ve been asked to pay a retainer and are unsure on whether or not to pay whats asked then why not speak to your students union? After all they’re there to help you!

Coventry University’s Student Union:

Warwick University’s Student Union:

Outrageous Rental Fees


With fees on renting from an estate agent potentially amounting to thousands of pounds – its no surprise there’s a “renters rights bill” going through the courts.

Here at Quarters Student accommodation we fully agree that renters should not be charged extortionate rates just for wanting to rent an advertised property. That’s why we only ever charge a £50 flat fee for single students or groups of students looking to rent from us. This fee includes all background checks and contracts – There are no check in or check out fees, no inspection fees – just clear honest pricing on high quality accommodation.

Click the below link to see the BBC’s take on the issue: